A Simple Trick to Bring About Your Best Mindset

Thanks for downloading my free ebook. I’m glad you’re interested in learning about The Challenge Method and looking to improve your life.

You probably clicked this link because you want to learn about a simple trick to bring about a state of mind. I’ve used the trick in my own life when approaching stressful situations or as a pick me up when I need a confidence boost or a jolt of excitement. It’s a trick that’s been around for years and I believe people do it both consciously and subconsciously. From my experience, people are more likely to do this or a variation of this “trick” without even having knowledge their doing it.

Have you ever watched golf or baseball on TV? You’ll have noticed that the hitter will usually step away from the ball or the plate and do a series of motions that seem inconsequential to their game.

Let’s really break down the pre-pitch ritual of a major league hitter for a second. Before every plate appearance you will see the hitter go through a certain repetition. They may tighten each batting glove, swing the bat in a certain cadence three times, then adjust their hands using an up and down motion. They will enter the batters box with their right leg first, plant it, and then kick their left foot into the box. They will proceed to tap on the plate three times and waggle their bat in a near hypnotic progression while the pitcher winds up and ultimately releases the ball towards home plate.

Now, I’ve met some good baseball players and they are probably the most superstitious out of all athletes. And, if you watch enough baseball, you will notice that every good hitter does this, every time, without fail. I’m convinced there is more to it than a simple superstitious ritual. I’m convinced it’s a trick to illicit a certain state of mind.

Now, there is a simple way to anchor a kinesthetic movement to produce a certain state of mind. The concept is similar to a conditioned response observed in the famous Pavlov’s dog experiment.

In the famous test case, Ivan Pavlov used a neutral stimulus, a bell each time he fed his test subject, a dog. The bell is neutral because the mere ringing of a bell illicits no natural reaction from the dog, at first. The dog would salivate due to the food it received. The food, the unconditioned stimulus, prompted a unconditioned or natural response, salivation, to the stimulus. After several times, the food was removed and Pavlov simply rang the bell. The dogs would salivate to the sounds of the bell, the originally neutral stimulus.

We can use this same concept to condition our brains to produce a specific state of mind. The steps are simple but have to be done with great intent.

The method can be done anywhere, but I’ve found it more effective to do this in a quiet place free from distractions.

First, decide what state or feeling you are trying to achieve. In the ebook, I used the feeling of excitement when you slipped on your running shoes.

Recall a time when you were excited to do something, the more intense the emotional state the easier it will be to recall the emotion on demand.

For example, remember the time when you found out you were going to Disney, won an awesome prize, or found out that special someone likes you.

We want to associate the excitement of a past event directly to a new behavior so we can recall it at will.

Now that you are in the state of excitement from the thoughts and memories of the past event, associate it with a specific action. I used slipping your shoes on as an example, but you can also use something as simple as a tap on your wrist, touching your earlobe, or pinching your finger and thumb together.

We’ll stick with the gym shoes for this example. Focus on the feeling of the heel of your foot seating down into your shoe or the feeling of pulling taut the laces. You want to choose something unique and something that has a specific feeling for this to be most effective.

Once you’ve decided how you want to trigger this emotion, with intention close your eyes and feel the emotion while you perform the action. It’s really that simple.

I have found it extremely effective to then, walk out of the room or simply stand up and move around. Once you have broken that state, go back to the exact same place where you started the exercise and repeat the steps again. You can repeat this many times to really ingrain this feeling and solidify the bond between slipping your gyms shoes on and excitement. The more intensity and more frequently you do it, the easier it will be to get in this state.