Talent Management

Picture yourself as a Hollywood manager.

Or, maybe a star athlete’s agent.

The talent you represent demands top dollar. He is getting top billing, by the way.

He just signed that big dollar contract.

You’re responsible if he gets in trouble, doesn’t show up for his shoot or his team practice.

If he screws up, you’re the one who would have to put together his press junket and write his statement.

You’ll also be held financially responsible if he gets cancelled, replaced, or cut in the form of your commission or cut.

How would you handle him?

What would you want him eat?

Who would you want him to hang around with?

Who would you want him to avoid?

Would you buy into his excuses?

Would you let him manipulate you?

Would you put up with his brand of bullshit?

The reality.

You are the movie star and the athlete.

You are the star, you are your own manager and agent.

What kind of people are you letting yourself “roll” with?

What are you eating?

Who are you learning from?

Do you believe your own excuses?

Are you buying into your brand of bullshit?

Author: Jeff

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  1. Jeff,

    This post is a great reminder for us to re-evaluate where our lives are heading towards. I do not believe in my own excuses but l am learning from you, and moving towards my life goals. Thanks for writing this post. Enjoy your weekend.


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