A Simple Email Trick That Could Save You Hundreds

Always looking for a deal, I subscribe to email campaigns of the stores and shops I frequent. save_hundredsThe emails are cleverly crafted to hook you with discounts and new seasonal fashions. The problem with getting a deluge of these in your inbox is twofold.

One, these campaigns inundate your inbox with a lot of useless junk mail that takes time to sort through.

Two, these emails take you out of control and add to the “noise” in your already busy life by bombarding you with messaging you don’t desire. Thank you JCPenney’s, but I think I’ll be better without knowing the latest trends in Women’s Fall Fashions.

Instead of being the decision maker, you’re subject to their sales schedule and can often be persuaded to buy things you don’t need, when you don’t need them.

The Solution

I figured out a simple way to flip the script. I still wanted to receive these promotional emails, but I didn’t want to sort through them in my inbox and risk being tempted into a buying decision.

I simply setup an email rule using the offending stores names as a filter. Anything with names like, “Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s, or Old Navy” are automatically filed into a folder called “Big Box” in my Inbox’s folder list. (You can even filter these down to individual folders if you desire, but I prefer a catch-all.)

There’s no apparent notification to my main Inbox that a new email has arrived. If I am looking for a deal, I can simply pull up this folder to see if there is a coupon or sale that pertains to my proposed purchase. I am now in control rather than being swayed by a carefully crafted marketing message and sales schedule.

Setting Up An Email Filter

Rather than going into detail on how to setup an email rule for each mail service, I will provide links to sites that have already done instructional.
Yahoo                  Outlook            Hotmail/Live          Gmail (labels)

Tricks of the Trade

So, I want to know… What systems have you  put in place to control your spending or to prevent yourself from making undesirable decisions?

Photo cred: Big Sale Message by Stuart Miles via freedigitalphotos.net

Author: Jeff

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  1. I use a free tool called unroll.me, but it’s a little different. It goes through your inbox and then takes any emails like that and either unsubscribes you or it gives you the option to roll all those up into a daily digest.

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  2. Nice tip, Chris! I’ll look into that.

    I just used a filter since it preserved all my incoming mail, just in a more organized fashion. I still want the deals, but I want them when I want them. It put me in control rather than my email box just being another advertisement.

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  3. Holy crap, email filters/folders are #amazing! For some reason I just figured out about them like 2 weeks ago… saves the inbox SO MUCH!

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