The Optimal Time of Day to Learn a New Skill

I remember sitting in an Freshman math class in High School, talking to a dude that started his own band.  new-skill

I asked him how long he’d been playing guitar. He replied, “Oh, since the 3rd grade.” I remember sitting their in envy, the dude has 6 years on me.

I rationalized my excuses and thought about how much easier it is to learn when you’re younger, how it was too late to start now, and how embarrassing it would be to try.

Needless to say, I didn’t spend much time learning to play. I believed the story I told myself.

A much older and wiser Jeff knows it’s never to late to start. If you start now you’ll never regret it, if you don’t your inaction will fester.

The best time to learn a new skill is NOW.

What skill or project can you start today that you’ve always wanted to do?

Author: Jeff

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  1. Jeff, great post! Inspirational as usual! Once again, makes me want to start my finance project rather than just sit on saying “gotta keep planning”

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