The New Skill Challenge

What is the one new skill you want to learn? What is the one thing you want to know more about?

Today is the day to start learning a new skill or gain expert knowledge on a subject.

Remember, all the masters started where you are. At square

Darren Hardy, personal development guru and author, has a systematic method for achieving this. He calls it the 1-1-5-3-1-30-30-5 Plan. I’m not sure why Mr. Hardy wants to complicate things with a long name, but I’ll break it down so it’s easily digestible.


1 – What is your #1 goal?
1 – What skill or knowledge do you need to accomplish the goal?
5 – Purchase 5 books on the subject.
3 – Invest in 3 cds or dvds on the material.
1 – Sign-up for one seminar or webinar.
30 – Complete 30 minutes of reading each day of your books.
30 – Listen or watch minutes of audio or video each day.
5 – Use the 5 steps below to optimize your learning.

“The consistency of that small discipline over time adds up.” – Darren Hardy

You don’t need to buy all these books and DVDs at once, but you do need to start today. So, hop on Amazon and download a book, audio book, or DVD.

Do it now, I’m waiting.

Ok, here’s what you do over the next 30 days.

5 Steps to Optimize Your Learning

1. Study

Focus on the skill you want to learn and use your material to study everyday. The best way that I’ve found to do this is to create a schedule so you know exactly what you will study, i.e. which chapter to read, what video to watch, what skill to practice.

2. Review

Distill a book or course down into 3 major ideas. Most books have at least 3 overarching ideas. These ideas are usually the fundamentals. To use guitar for an example. The 3 major principals of playing guitar are strumming, picking, and fretting. Every player will do these. These are the core skills. Then from there, there are subsets of individual skills like strum patterns, picking styles, chord fretting, scales, alternate chord shapes, etc.

3. Act

Implement one idea. Just one. People usually try to do to much at first. Try one thing first. To go back to guitar, simply learn how to strum correctly and in time with the music or rhythm.

4. Measure

Analyze the result of implementing the one idea. Did it work? Did you get results? Have your skills improved?

5. Improve/Optimize

Tweak the idea or approach and try again. Learn different strum patterns, seek counsel to assure you are doing it correctly. Record yourself through your journey to see your progress and to pick out any mistakes.

Now you’re dedicated to mastering a new skill. If it’s a skill worth mastering, it’s going to take time. The best way I’ve found to shortcut this is to hire coach. You can fumble around with material and risk giving up, but a good coach will keep you on track, give you a plan, and help you set goals.

So, what skill do you want to learn? Leave me a comment below.

Author: Jeff

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