The Natural Food Challenge Meal Plan

natural-food-meal-planBefore we started the 7 Day Natural Food Challenge, my girlfriend and I sat down on Sunday before the start of the challenge to map out what we would eat each night.  This was the key to our success in completing this challenge. We borrowed several recipes from the 7 Day Real Food Challenge ebook, researched some online, and improvised with recipes we already used on our Slow-Carb diet.

Note: The following day’s lunch would be leftovers of dinner the previous night (some modifications were made.) This made it so we only had to prepare 7 unique meals instead of 14. I also simplified breakfast, by eating 2 hard boiled eggs each morning for breakfast during the work week. The meant another 7 meals could be knocked off the list.

Snack cravings were satiated by natural trail mix and raw almonds.

The Natural Food Challenge Meal Plan Diary

Monday Lunch
Monday Lunch

Ground turkey taco salad.
As simple taco salad with ground turkey, spiced with natural taco seasoning. The salad, romaine lettuce topped with salsa, bacon, and banana peppers. To add some more sustanance we added a side of grilled squash with lightly seasoning of salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Monday Dinner
Monday Dinner

We treated ourselves to grassfed organic beef burgers topped with corn salsa, tomatoes with a side of romaine lettuces and zucchini.

Tuesday Lunch
Tues Lunch

We used the same burgers for lunch, but stepped up our game a bit. We added bacon and a side of pinto mash.

Tuesday Dinner
Tues Dinner

We gave Tuesday’s dinner the bird with a lightly seasoned grilled chicken topped with corn salsa. We served the chicken with peppers, onions, and a pile of pinto mash and black beans.

Wednesday Lunch
Weds Lunch

Wednesday’s lunch was a clone of Tuesday’s dinner, resulting in a hassle free lunch with no additional prep time.

Wednesday Dinner
Weds Dinner

We tried these low-carb sloppy joes found in Roxane’s 7 Day Natural Food Challenge ebook. They were delicious.

Thursday Lunch

Thursday lunch was a repeat of Weds’ dinner. No picture was taken because I was half way thru the meal before I remembered to snap a memento.

Thursday Dinner
Thurs Dinner

The grilled chicken returns, this time with a side of bacon and a healthy topping of homemade guacamole and garnished with bacon.

Friday Lunch
Friday Lunch

Boom! Same as Thursday’s dinner. This was delicious once again.

Friday Dinner
Friday Dinner

Ok, I had some fun here. I chopped a couple sweet potatoes up using a mandolin slicer. I then used a large bowl and lightly coated them with olive olive oil. I lightly dusted the medallions with salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder. These were delicious and I couldn’t stop eating them. These complemented the grass-fed burger perfectly. This didn’t feel at all like natural food. We also paired these with more of the homemade guac and a side of green beans. Yum.

Saturday Brunch
Saturday Brunch (2)

Saturdays are normally reserved for cheat day and healthy dose of doughnuts. I substituted scrambled eggs with salsa with a pinch of crushed red pepper in lieu of doughnut deliciousness. Keep it simple.

Saturday Dinner
Saturday Dinner

Saturday night we used up the rest of the grass-fed beef and I made a fresh batch of sweet potato fries.

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch

More scrambled eggs, this time with a side of broccoli and the rest of the pinto mash. Not exactly a typical meal, but I enjoyed it.


Sunday Dinner

This was the finish line I set for myself. It happened to be my girlfriend’s niece’s birthday. I treated myself to a crispy chicken sandwich, fries, and deep-fried cheese curds as my reward for my efforts in the challenge. I noticed halfway thru my sandwich that my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I was getting full. And greasy, processed food didn’t agree with me as they once did.

Read more about my challenge here and post and questions in the comments below or shoot me an email.

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  1. This was my favorite part of the post! “…stepped up our game a bit. We added bacon…” Personally I am not a bacon eater, but I thought this was a funny addition, well worded!

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  2. Thanks, Bill! Thought you might like this post. The biggest revelation of the whole challenge was how delicious the food was without any processed sauces or sweeteners. Real food, cooked right, with natural seasonings and of course mmmmm… bacon.

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