The Gratitude Challenge

Have you ever felt disappointed that your life wasn’t as good as your friends’ on Facebook?

Maybe you’re not driving your dream car or living in the house you want.

Life is tough… [/sarcasm]

More than likely if you’re reading this on your iPhone or anywhere other than the library, you’re living above what the government has designated as the “poverty line” and you probably have some employable skills that are gratitude-challengevaluable to others. Hey, you can at least read.

It’s easy to overlook the blessings in your life. I don’t want this post to be all unicorns and rainbows, but I’m guessing you’re probably living a pretty charmed life right now.

I think humans are naturally inclined to focus on the negative. It makes sense from an evolutionary survival perspective. If primitive man is walking along the plains, there’s no advantage for him to be attuned to the beauty of a sunset or the pure magnificence of a double rainbow. That would likely get him killed while he basks in the dusk’s golden glow. It is much more advantageous to be wary of the saber tooth lurking amid the bush.

The recognition of your blessings can empower you to realize the ol’ adage “Life’s a bitch and then you die” isn’t necessarily true. We all go through ups and downs and rough patches and “Shit” does “Happen”, that’s a given, but a bad attitude only compounds our problems.

So, how can we realize our blessings on a daily basis? It’s really quite simple and rewarding.

You can do it in the next five minutes.

I don’t want this to be cheesy exercise like going around the dinner table at Thanksgiving and bullshitting about what your thankful for before Uncle Mort passes out in the mashed potatoes. Instead I want the exercise to be empowering.

The POET Method of Gratitude

I adopted this technique from men’s coach, Tripp Lanier, who got it from Tim Sander’s book, Today We
Are Rich. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and do the following exercise.

Here we go…

What People am I grateful for?

What Opportunities am I grateful for?

What Experiences am I grateful for?

What Things am I grateful for?

The exercise is easy to remember because it’s a simple acronym, POET. People, Opportunities, Experience, and Things.

Try the gratitude challenge and see how you feel. Leave me a comment below.

Author: Jeff

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