The No Complaints Challenge

Well, this one will be fun.

I borrowed this one from best selling author, Neil Strauss.

I will warn you, this one will probably cost you some money. But like anything in life if you don’t have skin in the game, it won’t really make an impact on you.

Preparing for the No Complaints Challenge

Start by going to a store or the bank. Get ten to twenty dollars in single dollar bills (or equivalent currency). Try mini-challenge-seriesto get the crispest freshest ones, mostly because they just feel cool and smell amazing.

Now, that you have your stack or roll, go on about your day but be wary that each time you complain, whine, or bitch that the person nearest you gets a dollar.

The Penalty for Complaining

So, how do you explain to someone why you’re giving them a dollar? (My guess is they won’t complain.)  Easy, tell them your doing a the “ChallengeAway No Complaint Challenge” and each time you complain, it costs you a dollar.

Why You Should Stop Whining

So, why should you complain less or not at all?

Other than people not wanting to be around you because you bring them down, which is a good enough reason. Complaining is also a waste of your energy. And as Neil points out “All complaints, including negative talk about others or yourself, are just frustrated wishes.” They are wishes, as he explains, because you wish for yourself, your circumstance, or someone else to change.

There are either things you can change through measured action or other things that you have no control over like traffic, the weather, or a disturbance in force.

However, the complaints you do have control over and can change with measured action you should, if it’s really worth it to you. You can determine this simply by measuring it with two questions.

Can I change what I’m frustrated with?

Is it worth my effort to change it or is my time better spent by just accepting it and shifting my circumstance? For example, you’re probably not going to be able to change the economy, direction of the stock market, traffic patterns, or road construction.

I have gotten hung up on this one before too (still do).  If I get frustrated with traffic or the weather in the winters of Wisconsin, I can either move to a place with better weather and less traffic or accept it as reality and move on being grateful for other things, like being near my family or the other 9 months of beautiful weather.

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