A Auditory and Visual Punch in the Face!

I recently stumbled upon this video. It served as a reality check for me.

WARNING: It’s high intensity imagery and features course language.

Are you in a deadend job or sitting in a cube-farm somewhere?

Break free!

What are you doing with your life?

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Is Efficiency Killing Your Joy?

Is Efficiency Killing Your Joy?

Every morning I do the same routine.

  • Wake up
  • Write
  • Shower
  • Gather my belongings for the day
  • Drive to work taking the same exact route.

Last Friday I was greeted by a beautiful morning and I received a flash of inspiration. Hey, why not ride the bike in today!

No, I’m not talking about pedaling a bicycle, I’m talking about saddling up on a 400lbs, 650cc beast known simply as a Suzuki SV.

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Where You At?

What part of your journey are you on?

Look around. There are probably people doing amazing things at your same age. Hell, maybe even at half your age.

This has been a hard thing for me to get over.

“Look at how far along that dude is and he’s younger than me.”


“He’s only been at it 6 months and look where he’s at.”

Just remember that you are where you are, right now.

Start today and work towards where you want to be.

Not sure, where that is. Well, if you just stand still and look around you’ll be the same place 2 weeks from now, 6 months from now, 5 years from now. The only difference, you’ll be older, weaker, fatter, and more miserable if you don’t move.

Move your feet and work towards where you want to go. You’ll never know where you’ll end up. You can always change directions.

My challenge for you is to start something new today.

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Success, the Nick Saban Way

The Alabama Crimson Tide’s head football coach, Nick Saban might be the most polarizing figure in college sports today.

He is either beloved by his Crimson faithful or reviled by his competition. But, whether you love him or you hate him there is something you can learn from one of the most successful coaches in college football history. [Saban boasts 4 National Championships]

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Talent Management

Picture yourself as a Hollywood manager.

Or, maybe a star athlete’s agent.

The talent you represent demands top dollar. He is getting top billing, by the way.

He just signed that big dollar contract.

You’re responsible if he gets in trouble, doesn’t show up for his shoot or his team practice.

If he screws up, you’re the one who would have to put together his press junket and write his statement.

You’ll also be held financially responsible if he gets cancelled, replaced, or cut in the form of your commission or cut.

How would you handle him?

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Learn a New Skill by Giving Yourself Permission to Suck

Do you remember when you first started learning the alphabet? You looked at a page in your favorite storybook. There were these funny symbols. One looked like a tent, another looked like an up-turned camel.

You didn’t know what to think: How were you ever gonna learn all of these?

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