About ChallengeAway

ChallengeAway is an online community for people that want to push their limits and are up for a challenge.

A Note from the creator of ChallengeAway
As the New Year approached during the cold winter of 2013, I began to realize that there were many things I wanted from life.

I found the best way to achieve these things was focused daily effort. I loved the though of challenging myself to either complete a task each day or abstain from an unhealthy activity, like eating doughnuts. (I love doughnuts!)

My History of Challenges
When I was 10, I joined my cousin briefly in her no TV challenge; that lasted a whole 3 days. I couldn’t possibly miss the latest episode of the Simpsons or couldn’t bear the FOMO of Doug Funny’s latest middle school dilemma.

As a teen I tried a ‘No Soda Challenge’ for a year. I think I made it until the 4th of July. Yeah, I was hitting the hard stuff when I was 14, “Do The Dew.” I’ve lost weight Challenging my self to the Slow Carb Diet. I also kick-started my guitar learning journey by completing the RockSmith 60 day Challenge.

I created ChallengeAway because I feel challenges are a great way to motivate yourself to grow. Challenges stoke the competitive flames within you. Challenges help you focus, push you, take you out of your comfort zone, give you structure, and may even help you develop a life-long habit.

My real goal is to break these challenges down, see if they work and analyze what we can learn from them in an informative and entertaining fashion.

I want to challenge you to challenge yourself.

So join me in my challenge quest. Encourage me, chide me, laugh at me and ChallengeAway. Feel free to challenge me, send me ridiculous challenges, and be all that I can be. (my apologies for the 80′s Army commercial tagline)


Twitter: @ChallengeAway
Email: jeff@challengeaway.com