21 Day Pull-up Challenge- Results

So, I made it through the 21 Day Pull-up Challenge. Here is a link to the original challenge.

I started out like a ball of fire. I was able to knock out the early days like nothing. It was when I reached the challenge days in the teens that I began to struggle. I took short rests in the middle of sets. I even had to grab a resistance band to help with some of the late sets of the workout. No shame in that, I made it through and often did a couple extra reps with the resistance band.

Hanging with the boys by Tyler Bolken

I also took off an extra day in between the higher rep sets towards the end of the challenge. A lot of your growth comes during your rest periods. I took 2 days off before my max test.

I used lift.do to help me stay focused and complete the challenge.

The results
I overcame my plateau and was able to do 15 pull-ups this morning. It’s only a slight increase from where I started, but it felt good to blow through my max.

What did I learn?
I learned that I can get better at something if I focus and do it everyday (or every other day as this challenge layed out). I stuck with this challenge because I enjoyed it.

What would I have done differently?
I would probably have thrown in some more isometric training like negative pull-ups as well as some other complimentary exercised like shoulder like scap pull-ups. Lee Boyce has a great explanation in his article here at Bodybulding.com.

Would I do it again?
Hell yes! I will definetly be doing pull-ups as part of my regular routine. I will probably not focus on the intensity I used during the challenge but I will definitely be doing them and increasing incrementally.

So, what challenge would you like to see me do next?

What are you challenging yourself to do?

Author: Jeff

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  1. Jeff,

    I am really glad you were able to finish this challenge. Did those who joined finished the challenge too? I am currently challenging myself to drink 6 liters of water everyday to boost my health. Maybe this can be your next challenge. Enjoy your week.


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    • Thanks Marcus! The water challenge is a good one. 6 liters seems like a lot.

      I’m going to do a natural food challenge yet. No processed food for a week!

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